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Digital Forensics / Computer Forensics / E-Discovery

 Electronic Discovery and Computer Forensic investigations are best handled by certified professionals that have a variety of skill sets.  For example, an IT professional, who hasn’t been trained in computer forensics, would make many mistakes handling evidence and could inadvertently destroy evidence.  On the other side of the coin, private investigators generally don’t have the IT skills to know where evidence is located especially when dealing with corporate environments.  Neither the IT professional nor the private investigator would be proficient in data recovery.  Many times data recovery is the most important aspect of e-discovery and computer forensics.  Experience, training, and knowing what tools to use for the job are crucial when conducting e-discovery and computer forensic investigations. 

 At Drive Rescue, we do more than just recover deleted files. We will assist with the e-discovery by explaining the systems, what kind of information we can expect to find, and if data was intentionally deleted and or modified, all while properly preserving the evidence. 

 Drive Rescue is a local data recovery and computer forensic company that serves all of Ventura County California and the surrounding areas.

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