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Ventura County Data Recovery Services

Data recovery  and computer repair services for all devices.

Board level computer repair service for Macbooks, Imac, laptops, and desktop PCs.  At DriveRescue, we can help with any problem.

We understand how frustrating the thought of losing your irreplaceable, personal or business data can be.


Over the years the engineers at Drive Rescue have recovered data from a number of different scenarios such as fires and associated water damage to someone forgetting their laptop on the roof of their car and not noticing until it was too late. The latter scenario may sound funny but trust me it happens. The point is, we deal with all types of data recovery scenarios and equipment.


We have recovered data from all types of devices. IPhone, Android phones, digital recorders, laptop hard drives, Computer hard drives, SDcards, Micro SD Cards,Thumb drives, raid data recoveries, and more. 


Drive Rescue has recovered a number drives that had seen one or more failed recovery attempts. We have seen many hard drives from the Apple stores in Thousand Oaks and Simi Valley and almost all are recoverable.  We own some of the most advanced data recovery equipment in the business and have many years of experience as a certified data recovery specialist.  Give us a call and we will be happy to answer any questions.

Operating systems


Windows, Mac, Linux, we have you covered. 


Raid Recovery


From Raid 0 to Raid 10, we can retrieve your data.  All operating systems and formats including ESX and ESXI.  We can recover your information from all NAS devices as well.




 Whether it is ESX, ESXI, or Microsoft Virtual Machine we can get the information back for you. We have recovered all forms of VMware. We can recover files inside your VDMK or VHD. We can also retrieve the virtual hard drive and related files so you can bring back the Virtual Machine to its state before the crash.


Digital cameras and DVRs


Please see our testimonials.  We have recovered millions of pictures and videos for photographers, Private investigators and digital editors.


Accounting Data Recovery


QuickBooks data recovery seems to be the most requested but we have recovered many accounting databases including some that are proprietary or specialized for a specific industry.


Drive Rescue is a local data recovery company that serves all of Ventura County California: Ventura, Oxnard, Camarillo, Thousand Oaks, Simi Valley, Newbury Park, Ojai, Santa Paula, Fillmore, Moorpark, and Port Hueneme. If you live outside the area and need shipping information, please give us a call. 805-701-3132


Dear Scott:

I wanted to drop a note to you to thank you for your incredible work last week. Due to a hard drive failure, we lost critical data necessary to run our business. Thanks to your fast work and expertise, the data was recovered quickly and the computer was repaired. This not only saved us a lot of work, but saved us from the embarrassing situation of having to inform our customer of the problem.

Not to mention the after-hours service too was much appreciated!

Thank You Again,
Tom Scroggin,


Advanced Quality





Much praise for your prompt, professional and confidential assistance in recovering the deleted files from a Hard Disc Drive Digital Camera. We searched the internet looking for a company capable of providing the service and were discouraged to find out the only company advertising such service is in the United Kingdom. Although not discussed, the deleted files you recovered has proven to be crucial overwhelming evidence in proving the fraudulent activities of the individuals we were following. Additionally, you made it possible for us to recover our clients property!

Kudos to you and your company,

Martin Polo


Serpico Investigations


A week or so I mentioned that my wife's hard drive failed, I was not overly concerned since three days prior to that I completed a disk image backup. This backup software has bare copper restoration capabilities. I have previously used the disk image files to retrieve deleted documents. I simply slipped in a new drive, fired up the restoration drive boot disk only to find that the USB backup drive was not readable. Needless to say a lot of calls were made to the myriad of drive restoration companies. Most said it would take weeks and a couple thousand dollars and if you wanted priority service it would cost an extra $700.

I took a chance and brought my drive to Scott Hammond who owns Drive-Rescue in Camarillo. His price was very reasonable, and he got on it the moment I brought in. Yesterday we fired up her computer and everything was exactly as it was prior to the drive failure. I would definitely recommend Scott to anyone having a similar problem.

Frank Maga





I am writing to express my appreciation for the recovery of invaluable personal data from my desktop computer hard drive. The professional and expeditious service allowed me to complete pending projects on schedule.
This was after I was told by other IT specialists that the data was permanently "lost". Please feel free to use me as a reference and again, I thank you for the professional manner in which this data recovery was handled.

Best Regards,
Roy Price

Mr. Hammond, 

This letter is in reference to the data recovery performed by Drive Rescue on our laptop in March of 2010. Our laptop hard drive failed leaving us with no access to our business and personal financial data. We would like to express our gratitude in the data recovery provided by your company, we were told and thought that all was lost. Not only did your company recover our financial information, but it was also able to recover family pictures that to us were not replaceable. The level of professionalism and the short turn around time your company provided was extraordinary. Going forward we will highly recommend Drive-Rescue for anything data related. 

Jeff Jones







Dear Scott, 

As a professional editor, I rely on external hard drives for my storage and back-up of video data. Most of the time they are reliable, but, as Murphy's law goes, the un-thinkable happens in the middle of your project, the drive fails. The nightmare of having to send your drive miles away for quotes up to $1900.00 and higher, with unknown time frames were stressing me out, but were soon quickly settled when I found Drive-Rescue, in Camarillo, CA.
Not only were you helpful and courteous ,you got my data restored the next day at a price fractions below others.
I would happily recommend you to my friends and fellow editors!

Greg Dehn



One incident best highlights the attitude and skills Scott brings to the table. In April 2009, CSI suffered a fire and associated water damage that threatened our central server room. Scott was one of the first onsite at 2:30 am and worked tirelessly throughout the night and morning to secure the room, safeguard components, and keep CSI up and running. With a keen sense of “mission critical”, Scott rallied his colleagues to keep damage to a minimum, implement quick repairs, and restore full capability within record time. “Under the gun,” he excelled.

Chris Harris

Catalytic Solutions



I want to thank you for the recovery of my 4 drive RAID 0. When I found out that 2 drives were bad I thought all hope was gone but you recovered everything including some deleted files. The only thing that I could tell that didn't recover fully was one picture which I had deleted but your recovery brought that back. Now my biggest problem is redeleting the files I deleted before: the FULL recovery.


The best part about Scott is he is the one you deal with not some sales guy over the phone that's trying to get your $3,500 recovery and doesn't want to answer any question. He calmed me down during a very trying time.


Thank you

Craig Zeman, MD

Ventura Orthopedics

Hi Scott,

Thank you for your quick response with regards to my external hard drive issue. I had taken this external hard drive to a company in Ventura and waited days before I heard back from them that they could not recover my data.

My hopes sank, it was late on a Friday and I called you and you said to drop it off the next day on a Saturday. You called me later that day and stated that you thought you could recover all the data and would know for sure on Monday.

Monday morning came around and with my own eyes on your computer; I saw all my data, what a relief that was. All that was left to do was for you to down load the data on the external hard drive I brought to you.

I really appreciate the speed at which you tackled this issue, the waiting for an answer to whether the data can be recovered is almost as bad as losing all the data. It took 3 days with your company with 100% recovered data; it took almost a week with the other company and zero data results!

I would highly recommend Scott and Drive-Rescue

Thanks again

Kathy Stoltman

I would like to express my sincere thanks and appreciation for successfully recovering 100% of my data. I had originally taken my hardware to another CA based company and was told that the data was unrecoverable. Your service exceeded my expectations. You were able to recover the data quicker than it took the first company to find out it was unrecoverable. Thanks again for the first class service and for helping me get my business up and running so quickly. 

Deanne Hadden, CPA

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